Jupiter in Aquarius

You will be an out of the box thinker if you have Jupiter in Aquarius. Inventions and new discoveries are your field. You want lot of freedom to explore and create. There is a saying that being eccentric and being a genius only has a hairline of difference. This proverb will suit you the best. You are always on the run, trying to do something new. You are so bored by the normal routine. You want new challenges for your intellect. You will flourish in research field. You will achieve great success if you indulge yourself in artistic activities like painting and music too. Creating anything new is your buzz word.

Jupiter in Aquarius also makes a person revolutionary and unorganized. Working under authority is the greatest burden for you. Money does not matter a bit to you. Jupiter influences your intellect with abundance than your wealth and health in Aquarius. You will be so absorbed in work that you do not take care of your health or eat properly. This might lead to numerous health problems. Your goal in life is to benefit everyone with your discoveries. You are a source of inspiration to many serious people who want to improve their intelligence.

Working in technology oriented fields, biology or physics researches and social reforming NGO’s will suit you. Business is definitely not your choice. When it comes to love life, your passion is kept forward more than anything else. Usually Jupiter in Aquarius people struggles a lot to maintain active sex life and successful family life. You will socialize well with people of your wavelength. You won’t give much importance to others.

Man is a social animal. You cannot live in your own world always. Little compromises are necessary to get a loving family. Serving the mankind can begin from the home also. So try to put your ‘what is new?’ obsession aside when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with your family and friends. They are the ones who will help you at the time of need.

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