Planets in the Signs

When a child is born, preparation of his or her horoscope gets largely impacted by the placement of planets in specific zodiac signs. As part of their eternal journey in and around the zodiac signs, their association with respect to the birth position and their calculation in ascending or descending degrees are indicative of relevant powers getting activated and their manipulation thereby on the individual’s life.

When understanding the prediction science vis-à-vis positioning of planets in the signs, moon is known to be a planet that has a short period of association with a sign thus influencing an individual’s life quite marginally. Soon after the transit of moon in a sign starts giving specific signals, it moves to another because its stay of duration is as low as twenty eight days. Subsequently, moon also takes less time in completing its cycle and reaching back to its original position in the horoscope. Weekly or monthly forecasts that we keep coming across in newspapers or TV channels are predictions based upon this fast movement of moon.

A planet’s conservative transition can be seen as its longer duration of stay in zodiacs. As a result, the impact on individual’s life can bet largely visible and persistent for a period. This conservative transition is termed as retrogression. All planets, except the sun and the moon, get into retrogression so as to show their good or bad results.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, which are closer to the Sun, are called inner planets while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are farer to Sun and are called outer planets. Transit of these inner and outer planets in signs show varied impact on the individual’s life. Outer planets have a bigger impact with respect to their large duration of stay. Unlike inner planets, outer planets may not return their original position to show a visible impact on the individual’s behaviour, character and life. A slight alteration in the degree of existence of outer planets may drastically change the life of a being to the extent of getting an exorbitant rise, earning some recognition or meeting a fatal accident, relationship resulting in divorce.

In getting exact predictions, the birth position of a planet is crucial because it corresponds to the physical and mental aspect of the bearer. Positioning of a planet in the signs moderates or extremes their expression and also ruling, on individual life. That planet’s nature with respect to the characteristics of relevant sign and its natal position makes the horoscope reader see all the good or bad impressions it has to make.

Choose your planet:

Mars in the Signs

Mars in the signs represents the ego that resides in an individual. It is the spark that drives one to action and helps to bring a particular idea from the mental plane into the physical one. It is the very force that creates momentum and pushes people to reach for their dreams and attain their goals in life. It also helps one to take necessary and courageous risks, to


Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in the Signs represents a different aspect of the individual depending on the sign he/she was born under. Generally, Mercury is considered to be the messenger who receives and shares information. It helps to shape up your perception of life in general and plays an important role in the various decisions you take from those very perceptions. It does so through emotional waves, abstract concepts, intuition etc. It


Uranus in the Signs

Uranus in the signs represents change and is often associated with innovation, technology and discovery. It helps us to bring a certain progressive change in our lives. It breaks traditional and old ideas and concepts and ushers in a brand new era. It also represents enlightenment, novelty and ingenuity. Failing to develop the energy from Uranus can cause chaos in your lives. Though there are many good qualities to


Moon in the Signs

The presence of Moon in the signs is as important as your Sun sign. The Moon is considered to be the body that rules your personality whereas the Sun rules your individuality. In Hindu astrology it is said that the Moon rules your mind whereas the Sun rules your soul. Therefore to get a better understanding of yourself, you will need to get a combined reading of both your


Venus in the Signs

Venus in the signs provides information about how one expresses their emotions in their various relationships. Therefore they give an insight into matters such as love and marriage more than any other signs. Apart from love and marriages it also provides a certain insight into your attitude towards other aspects of your life like money, social values and your personal possessions. At the same time you will also be


Sun in the Signs

The Sun in the signs is but a small part of the rich history of astrology. Astrological signs are basically representations of the twelve equal divisions of the zodiac. Throughout history, men have looked towards the sky to answer their questions. The splendor of the skies enthralled people all over the world. Astrology became popular in various civilizations from various countries in the west like Britain to the China


Pluto in the Signs

Pluto in the signs refers to transformations and challenges. The energy that radiates from Pluto may be subtle but it is very strong. Secrets are a favorite of Pluto and revealing them will help to change the world. It also helps to let go of things that need to be let go. It can come in the form of a job, a marriage or a relationship. While it may


Jupiter in the Signs

Jupiter in signs is a shining beacon that guides an individual towards their ultimate self. It is the essence that elevates the individual to heights and areas never known by him/her. It also directly refers to the growth and expansion of an individual in terms of his/her thinking and understanding. Jupiter is also known to stay in a particular sign for about a year. Therefore there are many who


Neptune in the Signs

Neptune in signs guides each individual and even whole generations towards their destiny. Extrasensory perception, illusions, fantasy, imagination and dreams all fall under the realm of Neptune. All those individuals who have a prominent Neptune in their signs will be drawn towards mysticism and other such spiritual pursuits. The chances of this happening are extremely high if Neptune is in Pisces. But apart from the many positive aspects of


Saturn in the Signs

Saturn in the signs provides definition to the character of an individual. It provides us with challenges which help us to grow up and provides us with the strength and courage to withstand difficult situations in the future. This growth comes in the form of practice and hard work. Many often have to go through various levels of trial and error before finally achieving their goals. It is like


Neptune in Aquarius

The most predominant prediction made at the time of entrance of Neptune in Aquarius is emergence of a spiritual love, with too many people getting romanticized with each other and standing united, not only those who know each other but as strangers too. This planet-zodiac union symbolizes love for humanity as a whole and this feeling of oneness is more telepathic nature and at the same time, prompts an