Venus in the Houses

Venus is the planet of love. Also known as the twin of Planet Earth, it has a similar size and density. Venus in a house also shows the arena of life where an individual gets pleasure from. It also indicates how and why does a person get attracted to a person both on friendly and romantic relationships. It also deals with attraction – the art of attracting people and


Venus is associated with Relating. It tells the norms of behaving when in a relationship or a partnership. They seek for beauty and tend to make everything beautiful around them. They tend to express beauty within them through various ways. Venus is also associated with the Womanly Ideal – how man expects his woman to be or how a woman is expected to be. Venus is considered more approachable than self-assured. They believe in receiving rather than giving. Venus appreciates beauty and tends to bring synchronisation and balance to the things around them.

Venus is basically a feminine planet. The whole hype about Men are from MARS and Women are from Venus tells us just why! Venus rules sensuality and sex, luxury, comforts, marriage and love. Individuals in this house can do well in the field of singing, dancing, art work or acting as they love entertaining people and are passionate towards everything they do. They are very intense as lovers. If the Venus has a strong influence, then the native will be blessed with all the comforts of life, romance, beauty, joy, happiness, art, attractions, sex, entertainment, pleasure, passion, delights, etc.

Envoys and arbitrators are frequently ruled by Venus. Venus is allied with a sweet tooth, flavours, fashion, sexual intercourse, beautiful objects, colours, flowers and jewellery. An individual with a strong Venus in their house tend to have a successful marriage and are very romantic, positive and friendly. If the Venus is weak in a house, it may lead to loss of fertility, libido or even impotence.

Venus in all Houses

Venus in the 1st House
Venus in the 2nd House
Venus in the 3rd House
Venus in the 4th House
Venus in the 5th House
Venus in the 6th House
Venus in the 7th House
Venus in the 8th House
Venus in the 9th House
Venus in the 10th House
Venus in the 11th House
Venus in the 12th House

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