Venus in the 8th House

Venus in 8th house indicates a sign of unconsciousness and emotional attachment of the native. He may get emotionally attached to his fellow beings and arise himself a chance of decisive and unrequited affection and love. They are more concerned towards chastity and don’t get physically attracted easily. Such feelings compel their partners to abuse them at times they are more concerned with celibacy. But neglecting all these negative aspects, they respond fruitful towards endowment. They aren’t emotionally mutual but still capable of earning legacies at times. The basic highlighting feature is their attachment with people emotionally, financially and sexually.

The experience says that a native with Venus in 8th house has chances to lose his parent, lover or spouse at an early stage of life. The experience would not bring a tragedy in their life; rather they would be plunging them into anxiety. They always want to be appeased with 100% commitment not only from their life partners but also from business partners.  They engage themselves into emotions deeply and dangerously. They would rather prefer an agitated relationship which may not be well in depth but would be running smoothly. The Venus in 8th house resultantly depicts a comatose phase of relationship.

The Venus in 8th house becomes disgusting and non benevolent. The female partner of such native may sometimes loose temper and get irritated from him very often. The native would be self pitying himself and the abusive utterances from his partner would seem to be true. Inheritance can surely be indicated if the Venus is aspected well. This also indicates a sign of possessiveness and jealousy in the sexual and romantic relations even though such feelings and traits won’t arise for other aspects. They are intending to get married for their enhanced status and gaining through financial matters.  

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