Venus in the 6th House

Venus in the 6th house belongs to Mercury and Ketu. Venus stands, oppressed in this house. However, if the native keeps his wife happy then he will acquire all the wealth and happiness. Though the wife should not get dressed like a man or crop her hair because it is inauspicious for the native and he might end up begging on the streets. Lady luck is very important in any relationship. Such a native must marry a person who has got a brother.

Venus in the 6th house imparts a desire to make their work pleasurable and fun. The natives in the sixth house have a positive and pleasant environment at work. It has to be; otherwise the native will not be able to cope up with it. Usually a native who is a man is likely to find his love interest at his work place. They are practical and helpful as lovers.

The natives who fall in this house are perfectionists in what they like and do. They can be great as Fashion Designers, Artists, Makeup Artists or Health Experts as they want everything to be perfect. The natives take care of every small detail and try to change and correct it if there is any minor fault. Being perfectionists is a good trait, but at the same time they lose the bigger picture of life as they are too inclined towards looking at the smaller details.

Natives in this house are a People's person and tend to get along well with people at their workplace. Considering they associate pleasure with work, they can be lazy at times. Their life revolves around their workplace. And they are also service oriented.

Natives in this house are blessed with good health. Should they fall ill, they may gain in several indirect ways through their sickness. They should avoid drinking and eating too much (which holds true for everybody as excess of everything is bad).

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