Venus in the 5th House

Any person with a history of numerous romantic encounters and a dangerous charisma that floors the members of the opposite sex is most likely to have Venus in the 5th house of their horoscope. Such people are charming, attractive and flirtatious to the extent of having multiple romantic relationships in a single lifetime. Romantic attention and sexual satisfaction brings them happiness. Such people are rarely without a crush or romantic partner at any point in time. Affectionate and social, they are most often perceived to be party animals, and are usually very popular. Despite their apparent romantic flagrance, they are usually very loyal to their partners though the course of a relationship.

Venus in the 5th house indicates a happy and fruitful marriage with loving, beautiful children. Children are often the center of their life for such people. Thus, many are often inclined to pursue teaching, pediatrics or other professions of service to children. Mostly they are wealthy and well educated, though, some such people have a predilection for financial speculation, like gambling, stocks or betting, which may lead to financial crises later in life. 

All those with Venus in the 4th house are inherently dramatic, with a flair for incorporating theatrics into the mundane routine of daily life. They like to add their own personal thespian touch to everything, particularly when it comes to matters of love or sex. Such individuals are also usually interested in the arts, and may be brilliant dancers, artists, musicians, dramatists and so on. Mostly, there is a deep love for stage activities and performing. In fact, many such people become actors, and are usually successful in such endeavors. Creativity is amongst the virtues they harbor and value and most of them are professionally inclined towards fields that require a creative bent of mind such as fashion, advertising, marketing, acting, and so on.

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