Venus in the 3rd House

All those with Venus in the 3rd house have the gift of the gab; they are very vocal, though always diplomatic and tactful. By virtue of being good orators, they manage to charm and attract others with much ease. Such individuals are particularly adept at settling arguments and mediating in disputes. They are usually very complimentary and appreciative which may be misconstrued or intended as flattery. Their ability to write well, compliments the gift of speech, and they often manipulate those around them for fulfilling their own purposes. Thus, they may be exceptionally successful in dealing with clients or selling products and ideas.

Venus in the 3rd House is a clear indication of healthy relations with family and friends, and increased interaction with neighbors and relatives. Such people love to socialize and can hardly survive in isolation or quietude. The local environment of wherever they reside is usually harmonious and tranquil. Romantic encounters may be many, though they are not typically commitment phobic. Once in true love, such people are smitten, devoted and doting. They prefer partners who are intellectually stimulating, expressive and witty.

With a sunny disposal and distinctly positive outlook in life, those with Venus in the 3rd house are innately optimistic and enthusiastic about anything and everything. They are usually perceived as happy go lucky individuals with virtues that are indispensable in a drab or morose atmosphere. Such people love to travel and explore new places, and these journeys are generally beneficial for them. They have a predisposition to the arts, literature and all that lends a refining quality to one’s personality. There is often a tendency of being idealistic, naïve and impractical. Also, such people do not pay much attention to detail, but are far more focused on the final output and larger picture in life.  

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