Venus in the 2nd House

Any person who has an inherent desire to enjoy a healthily extravagant lifestyle is usually one with Venus in the 2nd house. People of this nature have classy and elegant preferences, more colloquially called ‘expensive tastes’ when it comes to their home and standard of living. Not to suggest that they are materialistic, such individuals do have a talent for spotting and accumulating articles that are exquisite, well crafted and exclusive. Material security is important for them to remain happy, and they are usually in favor of investing finances or collecting antiques.

A typical characteristic of those with Venus in the 2nd house is their natural ability to attract money. This may be through good investments, lucrative jobs or even their marriage partners. Thus business and finance are domains where they excel. Other fields where such people are highly successful are of the creative genre, including the arts, fashion, advertising and so on. In fact, many such people are instinctively poetic, not only in terms of written expression, but also in their general outlook on love and life. They are incredibly romantic, and prefer partners who are genuine in their feelings and disposition.

Venus in the 2nd house is a definite indication of material satisfaction through social association, whether intentional or otherwise. Such people can often be very protective or possessive of their loved ones, money and property. Males and females having such planetary positions in their horoscope are usually well educated and affluent. They like spending money, and do not hoard their finances for later use; they tend to expend their riches on their loved ones, and all things of fine beauty. They are also concerned with beautifying the body, as they love the physical aspect of life and existence. Such people exemplify the cliché of a ‘larger than life’ lifestyle.

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