Venus in the 12th House

A person with Venus in the 12th house is usually shy, secretive and fond of quiet surroundings and solitude. With a rather introverted disposition, such people do not express their true feelings very often or in an offhand, indiscreet manner. They share their confidences with few, and those are close and trusted people. At the same time, such people are compassionate, empathetic and extremely helpful, to the extent of being naïve at certain times. Such people are easy to cheat, as they are not too worldly wise, and tend to believe others at face value.

The romantic relationships of people having Venus in the 12th house are clandestine and often kept secret to protect their privacy. Such people choose their romantic partners with much care, and are often hesitant to make commitments for the fear of being cheated or betrayed. Once they are in a relationship though, they are devoted and attentive to their partner’s needs. They often fall in love with those who are typically opposite to their nature, for they are attracted to people from new and different backgrounds from their own. However, such individuals have to make a lot of sacrifices for the success of their love and relationships. Sometimes, they are perceived as smothering and possessive when it comes to love affairs.

Many people having Venus in the 12th house are wealthy and love to travel. They are naturally inclined towards those in trouble or in need for a shoulder to cry on. Such people are good listeners and have a level-headed view of solutions to others’ problems. However, they are usually unable to apply the same logic to their own life and troubles. Noble at heart, with never an intention to harm anyone, such innocent people require guidance and reassurance of those close to them for making decisions, all throughout their life.

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