Venus in the 11th House

The people with their Venus in the 11th house ought to be amiable in groups, concerned with their aspirations and always aiming high in their hopes. The Venus here aims at pointing out the similar features of individuals and fostering the sense of cooperation among them. The person usually concerns him to be socially connected in a large circle of individuals. They also tend to seek for a lover at some social event or through their friendship and loyalty. The female buddies need to nurture the amiable and charming friendship that they share among themselves. The people here may also tend to gain through their associates.

The people with the Venus in their 11th house are tilted towards the social gatherings which eventually indicate a reason for their financial success. The fact makes them comfortable regarding any encounter with any stranger because they always leave a soothing effect on them. There are chances for the individual to be more concerned with the aesthetic groups at times. Due to their involvement and loyalty in groups, they ought to be craving for the improvement in their radical as well as social values. The groups that they are familiar with are more likely to embrace their decisions and likings.

Who knows, if the natives with the Venus in their 11th house may be finding out their soul mate through the group connection only. Their life partner needs to be agreeing up to their terms and conditions. Their identical aspirations may lead to their marriage that has been decided from heaven. These people have the charms to prestige positively among any group and some of them are depicted to achieve their worth from the benign presence in that group. The individual assures himself fame at his best and they are more concerned about being beneficial to the society by their deeds. 

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