Uranus in the 9th House

The natives of Uranus in 9th house remain very comfortable with unusual and new ideologies, radical philosophies and thoughts that clearly oppose age old traditions. Their passion lies in playing around with their life with new ideas or experiment new ideas on others. They also develop keen interest in activities like reading, traveling, making new friends and other activities that give expansion to the mindset and thought. They believe in widening their vision through different means. Such people get easily turned off by the conservative thoughts of others and eventually start looking for the claustrophobic ways for their own good.  

Activities that require high level of thinking and possess opportunity for them to add their creative skills in it attract the natives of 9th house Uranus a lot. Their string natural instinct openly opposes the mental boundaries of the people and conservative mindset we live in. they are in constant verge of finding the opportunities that may help them in expanding the boundaries of the real world. They are blessed with independent and progressive bent of mind that enables them to turn even a simple thing into a genius invention. Their extremely well developed intuition gives birth to constructive dreams which are very well expected from a person with Uranus in 9th house of horoscope.  

Their longing for freedom of expression makes them revolutionary for some; they bring changes to their mind through traveling abroad or through intellectual parts or religion, philosophy, spirituality, scientific discovery and metaphysical. However, the 9th position of Uranus in the zodiac chart also indicates problems in traveling especially voyages with high risks of accidents. If the position of Uranus in 9th house is afflicted by Mars, their natives end up being anarchist and not even fear of shedding blood for their ideals. Such people often become fanatical when to come to their ideology.

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