Uranus in the 7th House

Often people with Uranus in 7th house have to face criticism from their business partners and with those they are in one to one relation due to their inconstant and unpredictable ways of doing things. However, such people are also endowed with the charm of impressing people by their simplicity and genuine feelings. Natives of Uranus in 7th house of their birth chart usually end up shying away from serious commitments in the relationships as they them as unnecessary evils of life. Their desire for freedom makes them feel that tied town with a relation is waste of time and they simply hate it.  

Such people are also likely to take the idea of getting into relationships quite strangely and believe that it doesn’t go well with their nature. They also look for the partner who has same feeling about relationships and also allows little aloofness and personal freedom for both of them. They believe that their idea of personal freedom in relationships makes them secure and long term. They are likely to get the partner of their choice easily and they both enjoy personal freedom as much as they can without destructing their relation.  

People with the position of Uranus in 7th house look of freedom in marriage, business and even in interpersonal relationships. They are also likely to get attention from stimulating associates, who will get impressed by their intuition, originality, creativity and genius mind. If a person has Uranus in 7th house they should never get into some legal matter because no matter how strong their case is they are likely to be thwarted due to unforeseen circumstances. They should also avoid taking up profession in a public office because even if they remain honest they tend to get into some scandal and lose their job eventually.

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