Uranus in the 6th House

The natives if Uranus in 6th house of their birth chart have very bright chances of getting associated with the field of science and technology. They found day to day work as a bit chaotic and often try to go away with it. They are deeply engrossed with their love for freedom instinct that eventually propels them to look for work that allows them to experience the ample personal freedom. Such people think that they are not meant for the monotonous nine to five kind of job and they get easily tuned off by that lifestyle. Due to their lack of interest in regular professional job their work usually looks like a disaster area. 

Their inborn creativity and a string desire to mundane the things in their specific unusual manner make them efficacious and also improve their forte in their skills. In the matters relating to their personal health they keep on changing their diet, lifestyle and eating habits as per the suggestions of their health experts. However, they also tend to include some unusual activities of their own in their lifestyle which may differ from what their health expert has advised to them.  

The presence of Uranus in the 6th house of the birth chart shows deep desire for the freedom of expression through which they can express their analytical skills. Such people are likely to take up profession that requires intellectual stimulation like computer programming, engineering and the positions that require honesty, originality and high level inventiveness. With this positioning of Uranus people are like to serve the world in the process of future making. They can also expect unusual experiences and crisis that will leave a great impact on their life. They may also experience health issues related to strain, work load, mental disorders or neurosis. At times the natives of Uranus in 6th house become hard to understand and even deal with.

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