Uranus in the 4th House

If a person has Uranus in the 4th house of their horoscope there are chances that they significantly alter their nurturing lifestyles. They often also seek unusual ways for expressing their wants and wishes for luxurious lifestyle which makes them quite different from others. They are not capable of taking up the concept of nurturing naturally because of their independent streak of mind which influences them to run away from the nurturing especially when it is proffered on them by someone else. But, if they are on the position of a nurturer they will be extremely caring and loving towards others and also shower all their blessings on them.

There are times when the natives if Uranus in 4th house completely withdraw themselves from the society and prefer staying aloof for a long time. Sometimes people might take the natives of this Uranus positioning as a rather erratic personalities but the fact is their intentions remain clear and faithful. They are the person who possess only good intentions for others in their heart and love to do good for others. The presence of Uranus in the 4th house of the native indicates that their style of nurturing is just like the motherly affection they have received during their childhood.  

They might also find their childhood as sufficient and satisfying enough in terms of material things but they think it lacks emotional support. The natives of 4th house Uranus look for individual freedom throughout their life for experiencing unusual home and family atmosphere. They are also likely to face unexpected changes in their residence and also vision their home environment frequently during their lifetime. For such person it becomes quite difficult to settle down in a marital life or buy their own home for peace because of the spasmodic Uranus placement in their birth chart.

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