Uranus in the 3rd House

If the person has Uranus in his 3rd house it means they usually communicate with the people around them in a rather offbeat and eccentric way that leaves their zany impression over others. The natives of this positioning of Uranus are generally friendly in nature and also possess the charm of making people smile with their wittiness and easy go lucky type sense of humor. People often look up to them for easing a rather boring day as people believe that they might be having something or the other to say or comment on the mundane lifestyle. Chances are very high that they might end up annoying a lot of people with their eccentricity which puts people in a puzzled situation. But they are also endowed with the power to win over the annoyed people with their honesty, open mind, humor and humility. Their amazing creative skills and commendable communication skills sets them apart from their counterparts and makes them the cheerleader of their group. 

With the positioning of Uranus in the 3rd house of their horoscope, they seek individual freedom for expressing their views. The natives of 3rd house Uranus are blessed with intellectuality, inventive mindset, ingenious qualities, and unconventional skills and unusual bent of mind. Being a free thinker by nature, such people love to explore new ideas and the diverse areas of knowledge instead of following the footsteps of others or getting influenced by others opinions. Their high curiosity level gives them an extension to the mystical things which are likely to be ancient, profound and extraordinary. They might end up getting involved in some kind of social activity or mental reform of the society. 3rd house Uranus in their birth chart shows tremendous traveling opportunities with which they can expect unusual changes, experiences and even constructive crisis during their lifetime.

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