Uranus in the 2nd House

Natives with Uranus in 2nd house share very strange attitude towards the possessions of the world and their ideas differs from others. They usually look up to the luxuries of life like cars, money, and jewelry as a means of living to no end. They love quirky lifestyle and are always willing to get what their heart desires which benefits the people around them. There are also chances when they tend to think that their desire for worldly possessions are tying them down and becoming a hindrance in their freedom movement. This sometimes also makes them shy away from their luxurious desires. Such people usually long for possessions that help them in leading a luxurious and free lifestyle with ability to fulfill all their desires. They also ought to give tremendous importance to the money they put in bank as they believe that that money can buy them the freedom they are craving for.   

Due to the presence of Uranus in 2nd house, their natives always remain on verge to seek individual freedom of expressing their feelings that will lead them to the ingenious methods of making money for leading a luxurious life. They also generate keen interest in technical inventions, different type of occupations, scientific endeavors and more. However, they are blessed with the conventional attitude in different aspects of life like wealth and financial issues. They also tend to precipitate changes in their fortune and financial status for avoiding the situation of unexpected crises. They have very bright chances of gaining money through friends, government or association. Giving financial advice to the natives of Uranus in 2nd house is waste of time as they don’t consider others opinion in financial issues valuable. However, they are enable to safeguard themselves from unforeseen loses or even gains due to their unstable state of mind.

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