Uranus in the 1st House

Presence of Uranus in the 1st house of individuals symbolizes their level of personal energy over others. Such people usually long for freedom and are very demanding in the matters where they need to present themselves to the world. They mostly dress simply and are quick in asserting themselves. Their ability to handle issues and show the world where they stand keeps shyness away from them. Generally they feel proud when they prove their own perspective and make others understand how they feel about that particular situation and how they would have dealt with it. 

Natives of Uranus in 1st house feel very altruistic desire of bringing changes in the world and society that makes them highly inconsistent among their friends and relatives. But, people around the natives of Uranus in 1st house are aware of their good heartedness and their genuine feelings for others. They usually become passionate about certain things very fast but they also lose their interest very quickly. They find it difficult to maintain their interest in the long run.  

Such people remain in search of freedom of expression for constant changes and new experiences in their lifetime. They give prime importance to personal freedom which makes them eccentric, intelligent, unusual, versatile, intuitive and restless. Although they leave stimulating impression of their personality, but at times people judge them as somewhat odd, peculiar and years ahead of your time. people with Uranus in 1st house gets attracted to the fields of astrology, hypnotism, psychic research, telepathy, new age healing, inventions in electrical gadgets and spiritualism. They also tend to keep on changing their residence and profession which states lack of stability in life. They also have bright chances of unexpected crisis in their personal life that will make them go through strange experiences and also influence the growth of their character.

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