Uranus in the 12th House

If an individual has Uranus positioned in the 12th house of his zodiac chart, it means that the person has a deep strong desire for freedom. These people also possess burning altruistic desire for bringing changes in the world, but they usually live in underlie and shy away from expressing their desires. Their desires largely depend on their situations, which makes them play out their ideas in different ways. There are times in their life during which they simply give break to the people around them for seeking solace in their own life. Such people are on a constant search of personal freedom and ideas so that they can make world a better place to live in.  

Natives of the Uranus in 12th house search for creative and freedom loving individuals for establishing long term relationships. They find comfort in the company of creative people and also maintain their relation in the long run. Such people usually take up career in the field of science and technology. They themselves tend to be very artistic and creative. They don’t care what they are doing as they find themselves surpassing the limitations placed by the society we live in.  

The patrons of the 12th house Uranus seek freedom through their secret studies, romantic involvements and the constant practice of unconventional subjects. Their inner subconscious induces a kind of spiritual rebirth in them that helps them in establishing direct contact with universal forcers. However, sometimes the position of Uranus in the 12th house of the horoscope indicates loss of reputation and even exile from their native country. If Uranus is well inspected with other planets it brings success for its natives in their respective field. However, the natives of 12th house Uranus are likely to be haunted by the fear of approaching disaster which may haunt them through out their life.

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