Uranus in the 11th House

The natives of Uranus in the 11th house of their horoscope are very independent by nature and find it difficult to adjust with the social circle closely. They take their ambitions and goals in life as their idealistic approach and work hard through their life to achieve them. They usually go around life by making themselves feel a little superior over the people around them. They never shy away in showing their dislike for the people who make compromises with their ideas just to strike a balance between themselves and society. However, they have the power to mesmerize people with their charismatic personality and wit.   

People with the position in Uranus in the 11th house of their zodiac tend to give the impression of aloofness and erratic behavior while being a part of any social gathering. Due to their isolated behavior they end up creating misunderstandings with others. Though, people around the natives of 11th house Uranus sincerely admire their honesty and simplicity throughout their life. They feel proud in being a loner, but they also connect amazingly with the people who share the same ideology as they have. Such people often maintain long-term cordial relations with the people having same bent of mind.  

Position of Uranus in the 11th house of an individual indicates their deep involvement in reforms and revolutions done by political, cultural and social groups. The warmth of dynamic and stimulating relations or friendships may change their ideas and attitude towards life. Often the friends of 11th house Uranus natives are also regarded as peculiar and extraordinary because they are mostly involved in unusual professions like writing, invention, occultists, etc. Position of Uranus in 11th house may also bring unexpected benefits for its natives through their friends who lead them to progress in their personal wishes, ideas, business and family life.  

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