Uranus in the 10th House

Those who come under Uranus in 10th house of their zodiac might find the concept of career and profession alien as it doesn’t goes well with their nature. They tend to be fiercely independent and don’t like to be reminded for only single thing they have done in their life. They constantly remain on high in their career and usually shy away from being known for only one thing. Such people have passion to do what they want to especially in the creative field with commendable fashion. They believe in maintaining their own unique identity and nevertheless they enjoy it to the fullest. They also get completely turned off with the politics, hierarchy and the game of power at their work place.  

With the presence of Uranus in the 10th house of their zodiac they give importance to equality and long for the freedom of structures which are flat. They tend to find their mush desired inner peace in the offbeat career and usually make career in archaeology or things associated with it for exploring isolated places like Africa. They hardly give any concern to their social status. Their idea of playing father figure for everyone at home or work sometimes make them unconventional in front of others. If a person has Uranus in 10th house, they make an excellent father because of their ability of opening doors of success for their children and also collapsing the barriers that hinders their path.  

For the natives of Uranus in 10th house an eventful career is also expected that bring important changes in their life in terms of location and social status. They make sincere efforts for undoing and overthrowing the limitations as they are independent, eccentric and unconventional. However, they might face difficulties in dealing with their employees if they get recruited in some governmental body.

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