Sun in the Houses

The Sun is the principal source of life on our planet as well as the whole galaxy. In the study of astrology, the information accumulated by reading the signs of its presence in the various houses enables one to articulate the strength, the influence and the supreme significance of the Sun, which presides above all other celestial matter.

The Sun’s position primarily depicts those fractions of life where the fundamental

power spawned by the Sun is most liable to an aim. The Sun’s arrangement in each of the twelve houses of the natal chart unveils a colossal element of life, which makes us feel unique, exceptional and out of the ordinary beyond great measures. It illustrates that arena which nourishes the call for making distinctions between oneself and the society in general or a specific individual in particular.

The Sun remains responsible for various transformations allocated because of its presence. As a matter of fact, it is essential to be acquainted with one’s own identity and personality in accordance to the areas concerned with Sun’s presence in each house, to be capable of stumbling upon both contentment and bliss, as well as a precise route and predetermined bearings of a better life. The need of the hour is to gain skill and endurance in order to be prepared with regard to these particular issues of life.

It is also necessary to remain cautious of situations whereby one may exceed or surpass the required level of acquaintance with the interaction of the Sun with the house it dwells in. In case of an inflated opinion of oneself pertaining to these particular areas, an individual’s dignity and glory would be, without any doubt, battered till the grave. Lastly, the Sun represents a much more dynamic force, as an alternative for tactless might.

Sun in all Houses

Sun in the 1st House
Sun in the 2nd House
Sun in the 3rd House
Sun in the 4th House
Sun in the 5th House
Sun in the 6th House
Sun in the 7th House
Sun in the 8th House
Sun in the 9th House
Sun in the 10th House
Sun in the 11th House
Sun in the 12th House

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