Sun in the 9th House

Sun in 9th house predicts that an individual having this type of positioning may travel too much and too long. He or she may even get into a far away relationship such as marriage. His or her liking to acquire knowledge in studies like philosophy can get very evident given the liking to a harmonized thought process. Moreover, an ability to put forth their leanings and views in a straightforward way can also make them speakers or teachers in philosophy and be a reason for their travel in far off countries. You may also get involved in some type of counselling but a need to stay self-disciplined is very much advised to them. 

Sun in 9th house individuals may also have a deep urge to create a brand identity and they may seek this through philosophy but others sides of education are also possible such as law. Interest of these individuals in spiritual and religious studies may also well reflect in their life and furthermore, in their pattern of work, relationships, competitive activities etc. If you come across a visionary person with firm belief in his set of values and beliefs, you can predict that the person must be having sun in his ninth house. 

Career aspirations may also get visible as a writer, translator or even a voyager. Any profession or work that does not have a broader perspective to life is of little relevance to them. In fact, in an eternal search to find meaning in what they do, individuals having sun in 9th house may get too pushy in crossing their limits. This may result in exertion and loss of energy because of too brainy activities. Looking at that reality, they are often advised to relax or learn to meditate to save their powers from getting scattered.

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