Sun in the 8th House

One strange thing that an astrologer will predict about an individual having sun in 8th house is that in most cases, the initial part of his or her life will lead in absence of a fatherly figure or father himself and the individual has been suffered it a lot. But this void may get filled in the later years of life and there also is firm likelihood of receiving some wealth, property or expensive goodies from father or someone in paternal connections. However, the lack of parental love felt in the starting phase of life may make individuals too affectionate especially towards their children and they may stress lot of importance on family and relations. 

The aforesaid deficit of paternal love may reflect other facets of life as well and the individual having sun in 8th house may feel a sort of isolation and find it tough to grow personally. This may also make them egoistic to some extent but need to overcome this nature and its related tendencies can be largely felt in later parts of life. This is when individuals having this positioning of sun realize their ownership & pride to their emotions and identity as a whole. 

The liking of eighth house sun individuals towards secretive studies, astrology or psychology may prompt them getting into these careers. But they may also seek professions as analytical experts in share market, some kind of research or also may get inclined to social studies as an additional source of knowledge. Their care for economy may well reflect in their interest to manage finances for others and may lead them to banking or insurancesector. Love life of these individuals may not be as smooth as many others and may require them to get testified. But their ability to connect well within enables them to keep going and be philosophically strong too.

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