Sun in the 7th House

Sun in 7th house is an indicative of relationships, be it in the form of enterprising partnerships, newly developed friendships or staying committed in a love affair. Therefore, social nature of an individual with this kind of positioning in his or her horoscope may be very much evident. Further, these individuals are quite focused on their personal recognition and may make all necessary efforts to illuminate their personality, learn new skills or even make changes to their persona from time to time. This particular facet may also be in close association to their inherent liking to connect well with people around them or any part of the world. 

If you see a public relation officer having sun in 7th house, you should not be surprised. Other careers that largely attract these individuals are social activism, attachment with charitable organizations, providing personal counselling of some type, etc. They may also be seen running coaching institutes or may just teach children as a liking to contribute this way to the betterment of society. Their social connections may often tempt them to enter politics but because of their inborn urge towards social work, they may like to remain in clean politics, so as to be identified as a politician different from others. 

Persons having this type of positioning where sun is in seventh house are warned by astrologers not to depend on others too much so as to get recognized. Seeking a permanent partnership or long term companion is better but they should understand that their existence is not solely dependent on their relationship and there is much of their own contribution. On the other hand, if you look for a partnership or companionship with an individual having sun in 7th house, you can be rest assured of a long and fulfilling association.

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