Sun in the 6th House

Sixth house being identified by astrologers as the quadrant of physical well-being, placement of sun in this house may often be the reason for concern for individuals, as other houses may be in trouble, and so the health matters concerning them. This affect may vary from person to person and for various signs, but abdominal parts, eyes, skin and heart seem to be most affected as a result of this positioning. A poor immune system of the individual may at times get noticed and therefore, individuals having sun in their 6th house are often advised to stay away from liquor and avoid intake of spicy or junk food. 

Being socially active is an inherent quality of sun’s positioning in sixth house. Persons having this union will be usually more interested in others than self and can also gain recognition because of their helping nature or anything noticeable they do for the underprivileged segment of the society. Blessed with a great sense of charity, they set examples in the area of social service but in the process, a word of advice is often shared with them to keep an eye over their personal goals too. Otherwise, they may miss usual pleasures of life. 

Interestingly, these guys or girls may also get attracted to natural medicinal science, alternative therapeutic medications or other similar fields. Because studies like Ayurveda appeal them, they may also be in trading herbal medicines. People having sun in 6th house may be so alert towards their personal growth that they won’t mind going an extra mile viz. higher education in later years, learning new techniques, attending various trainings etc. 

Individuals value their set of ethics highly and this gets visible in their work and life as a whole. They get uneasy and can be simply disheartened when they see absence of these values in the world.

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