Sun in the 5th House

If you ask an astrologer about an individual having sun in 5th house, he would specifically identify him as a fun loving person. From family life to arts and from travel to any other form of amusement, you will notice most of their life revolving around the entertaining aspects. To better it all, these individuals are blessed with strong innovative powers and they incorporate these powers well, in everything that can bring fun in their life. They enjoy being a child whole life and getting matured does not seem to be their piece of cake. It should not be wondering one if they like to seek a career in teaching small children or a profession in running a crèche or may be involved in trading toys for children. 

Generally, you will find these individuals kind-hearted and quite people centric. They have a good brain and their intelligence gets displayed in the professions they seek in making an earning for life. But their emotional aspect cannot be underestimated either, as their affectionate nature makes them a social animal on the whole. That way, if you are looking to stage an emotional play and want an ideal guy to direct it, search for someone having sun in his or her 5th house; love, affection and emotions will as naturally flow in your play as anything. 

A negative aspect in the life of sun in 5th house individuals is that they may get attracted to secretive sciences and may not hesitate deceiving others at times. Health is usually not an area of concern but they are advised to take care of chest or heart related ailments. When associated with planets like Rahu, the individuals may, though live lavishly yet, may have relations with many women and may not be able to accumulate savings.

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