Sun in the 4th House

When you see a person who is too cautious about his and the family’s security, identity, wealth and cannot reside away from home for long, you can predict sun to be in 4th house of this guy or girl. Interestingly, they are too passionate for their family background and customs and they are more attached to them most of their life but this itself becomes a hurdle in gaining an independent recognition for them. As an improvisation to this, astrologers may suggest individuals to leave their homes early in life and get established elsewhere so that the problem of recognition will not arise in later years of life. Overall behavioural aspects of individuals having sun in 4th house are of a cool natured person as they would be seen as sympathetic and caring. Whatever they do in their life, they succeed in accumulating lots of possession till elderly years of life.

Their earnings will usually come from works related to some holy causes or may be from a travel agency. So they may get advised to be in arranging pilgrimage as this may become a great source of income for them. Favourable positioning of moon may gain the success in jewellery relating businesses, silver or gold ornaments being the cause of earning good rewards to them. 

But care needs to be practiced especially if an unfavourable Saturn is present in the horoscope. Astrologers predict the person to be covetous and may tend to earn money from illegitimate sources. Issues related to eyes may also occur due to this inauspicious presence. There may also be loss of wealth as this may get stolen from a close acquaintance or relative. As a countermeasure to avoid these ill effects, individuals get advised to do some charity and help the needy especially blind people with money or food.

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