Sun in the 3rd House

Most of the earnings of an individual having sun in 3rd house come through either physical work or brainy activities. These earnings may be to the tune of a wealthy and prosperous life. And if a favourable moon joins the individual’s horoscope, the individual may be advised enterprising with products that coincide with properties of moon such as white & cold. Therefore, astrologers may suggest persons with this union to start an ice-cream parlour which is both cold & has lots of white coloured products, or sell jewellery items that have pearls, etc. On the contrary if the moon is not supportive, the person may be loose in character and astrologers also suspect robbery or other form of destruction caused to their possession. 

Person having this positioning of sun may use his or her brain power in analytical skills, statistical studies or may become an expert in maths. Besides being an insightful person, he or she may also be a good communicator and can seek professions in writing or teaching. An urge to keep learning new things and researching latest advancements carries on in their entire life and it should not wonder anyone if such an individual, who has sun in 3rd house, writes a book in an area of specialization, in the later years of life. 

A strange and noticeable fact about this positioning is that owner of such a horoscope does not share good relations with brothers or sisters. This may be because of an urge to gain a competitive edge over other and it may have grown since the time of initial education. This different facet of those individuals carries on in later life too and the tendency to prove self better than others, prevails till long. This often gets noticed during an ongoing discussion, debate or when influencing others with the subject knowledge.

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