Sun in the 2nd House

When you see an individual for whom wealth takes the centre stage, who values financial independence a lot and also is involved in lots of charity, you can say that in all probability, the individual has sun in 2nd house. Males or females with this kind of positioning will be more interested in driving their life on their own way and not like getting driven by others or outdated customs. As an interesting facet of their life, they not just have a great inner drive for materialistic possessions, but they also succeed in accumulating it in abundance. But the sad part is some of them may be overspending as a result of a lavish lifestyle and pomp and show. 

Positioning of sun in second house may result in oral issues on health front. As a result, individuals having this type of situating of sun in their horoscopes may often be asked to take remedial measures such as staying away from tobacco consumption by means of chewing or smoking. If else they do, they should stay in control of this or other similar hazardous addictions. Eye diseases are also predicted to prop up in late 40’s or early 50’s so it should not be surprising if you see a “sun in 2nd house” individual carrying eye drops most of the time with him or her. 

Career aspirations are usually to head a group as the individuals have great motivating skills, commitments and are strong believers in values. If they can avoid being too possessive, their energies can get utilized much innovative. Further, they can also develop good relations as a foundation to a solid network of individuals which can be a major factor in fulfilment of their career ambitions. 

These individuals are advised not to let their money be a cause of their self-centredness or this may spoil their relations.

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