Sun in the 1st House

Whenever the sun is seen in the 1st house of a newly born child, astrologers clearly foresee that a leader is born. The qualities of a true leader, be it in the form of self confidence, initiative, out of the box thinking, firm views, winning aspirations or some other form, are expected to be largely visible in the personality of this guy or girl. As a result, generating recognition for self is never an issue for them; rather they themselves become a brand identity and an icon to be followed by many. This way, they also become the reason to influence the lives of many around them. 

The three things viz. the shine, the energy and the power for which the sun is known for, keeps blessing with excellent health to the individuals having sun in their 1st house. Full of natural healing powers and oozing with energy, health isn’t much of a concern for them. Minor ailments can quite evidently come up especially in rainy season, when the sun rays do not reach as naturally to the earth. But a strong will power and spirit helps in speedy recovery of the individuals and ascertains that normalcy sustain in their life. 

Staying in power can be predicted as their lifetime urge as individuals who have sun in the 1st house will either be seen owning an enterprise or placed highly in organisations, be it in the administrative sector, public relations or in a large business group. Their decision making abilities are expected not only to get appreciated but their aggressive ideas may also be seen getting implementing in business decisions. Driving a team comes as a natural talent in those with sun in 1st house. When an organisation is fortunate enough to have such an individual to take care of a senior position, it is bound to flourish.

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