Sun in the 12th House

Individuals having sun in 12th house may be identified as a very receptive person and blessed to read hidden meanings in dreams or secret indications. But the individuals’ receptivity may often demand deep thoughts and a need to isolate from worldly affairs. These individuals may typically be recognized as someone who doesn’t like to be in the limelight even if something recognizable has been carried out. They may be tagged as being introvert but more than that, they are too busy in being meditative about lot of matters. To counter any psychological issues arising out of this, such individuals are advised to maintain a balance amid their liking to isolate and need to socialize. 

It does not need common sense to understand that such individuals will often need to calm down their senses and should get involved in some meditative or spiritual practices to regain the tranquility they keep losing due to excessive brainstorming. Another big issue that may compel them to think is that why people don’t understand them? The thought that people around them need to be counseled, goes equally true for them as well. Not only astrologers but also psychic advisors warn them to stay in control and study their thought process well or adverse impacts may get inevitable. 

Transit of sun in 12th house of an individual may get determined by his or her need to get involved in studies deeply and may be to make some project that will lead to recognition for him or her. Astrologers especially advice students to take benefit of this phase of sun’s transit as this may result in something interesting for them. However, they also stress the need to be physically active as individuals also get tempted to sleep for longer durations than usual if an unfavourable Saturn adjoins.

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