Sun in the 11th House

Networking, friendship, acquaintances, companionship, etc. get into the lead role of your life when sun is in the eleventh house of your horoscope. As a result, your involvements are so obvious that you are as much interested to see your friends or companions getting success as much they are in yours. This impact of sun in 11th house may also be seen in your attachment to communities involved in charitable deed or working for underprivileged classes of society. Before the sun enters your 11th house, it is advisable to identify what you wanted to attain in life and what are the ultimate goals of success. 

An individual having sun in his or her 11th house may be often seen involved in a profession with advertising agency, in public relation departments or even in writing. Besides making an earning through these kinds of professions, the individual’s earnings may also come from a lady of his or her mother’s age, a family possession or property, or through movable assets. They may be tempted to gamble, buy lottery tickets or involve in games driven by fate and surprisingly enough, they also might succeed in gaining largely. However, a word of advice goes against it as the individual may get used to, to this kind of temptations. 

When the sun influences individuals’ 11th house, the individual is likely to enter into an interesting relationship or may be an existing relationship gets funnier. Interestingly, they get more close to younger ones and playing with children largely interests them. All in all, this positioning indicates emergence of the eccentric side of one’s life, laterally making him or her more innovative. Nonetheless, astrologers insist individuals to believe in their dreams as most wishes are likely to come true with the positioning of sun in 11th house.

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