Sun in the 10th House

A person having a diehard desire to be in power, gain reputation in society by means of property and possession and who is too materialistic, can be predicted to be having sun in the 10th house. Laterally, urge to be authoritative and direct others’ lives may come quite naturally in these individuals. No wonder if they are seen heading organizations, getting posted at higher positions in administrative services or being politicians. They are so concerned to their recognition that they can see this getting reflecting in everything they do, every instruction they pass. But so as to sustain their possessions, a word of advice gets shared with them to involve in charity or raise financial help to general people. 

The urge as quoted above may influence their reputation being quoted as an egoistic person. Health matters may often affect due to blood pressure or heart related ailments, stress to keep being authoritative, being the major cause behind it. Besides the discipline they expect from others, they can get advised to lead a disciplined life in terms of time to eat and rest and also be watchful to maintain a perfect work life balance. This is how they can enjoy a happy family life and find contentment in smaller pleasures of life as well. 

For other individuals, transit of sun in their tenth house brings lots of happening on career front and they may achieve something of utter importance for their life. Their perspective about life or career can be more optimistic than ever, especially at this time of sun’s transit. This is that time in the life of these individuals when they are oozing with energy, meeting all the targets set for themselves and the support and obligation of highly placed people such as boss, business owner or some political figure may quite easily get bestowed over them.

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