Saturn in the Houses

Saturn is the second largest planet after Jupiter. It is known for its beautiful ring! People tend to think that Saturn has more negative effects than positive. Some even fear having a Saturn in their house. According to some people, it may be inauspicious. If in harmony with its fellow planets, it gives the natives a powerful supporter. But if Saturn is not positioned well, then it can create

disturbances and strain.

Though Saturn is related to despair, misery and depression due to the insecurity it causes. At the same time, Saturn builds faith in you gradually and helps you to overcome the dark clouds and see the silver lining behind the cloud. Saturn is considered cold, morose and sad when malefic. Saturn is linked with ideologies of limitation, boundaries, reality, restrictions. Saturn popularly governs career, hierarchy, ambition and authority. Saturn is associated with the say – SATURDAY. Saturn has more negative aspects, than positive ones. In Chinese astrology, Saturn is warm, cooperative and generous as it is ruled by element Earth. Whereas, in Indian Astrology, Saturn is considered to bring hardship and bad luck, but it represents a long life and a good career.

Saturn is a great teacher and teaches the natives principles, responsibilities, and to organize life for the natives benefit. Considering, it also signifies restrictions and limitation; it will teach you how to be patient which we all as human beings have forgotten. Saturn teaches the important lessons in life and makes a person a responsible human being.

Natives may face hardships, ups and downs but gradually they will see the silver lining behind the challenges. Saturn is not inauspicious till it is in a favourable condition. It teaches you a lot about life, for example: in a football game, if a player falls down, he still manages to get up and play. Saturn will throw various problems, but the real significance is getting up and competing again. Saturn makes you stronger and responsible.

Saturn in all Houses

Saturn in the 1st House
Saturn in the 2nd House
Saturn in the 3rd House
Saturn in the 4th House
Saturn in the 5th House
Saturn in the 6th House
Saturn in the 7th House
Saturn in the 8th House
Saturn in the 9th House
Saturn in the 10th House
Saturn in the 11th House
Saturn in the 12th House

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