Saturn in the 8th House

Saturn in 8th house is a house of Sexuality, demise and inordinate individual challenges. Natives in this house have a notorious repute, though Saturn here denotes they have an extended lifespan. Surviving an 8th house Saturn native is the most difficult task as the people tend to be very dominating. The individual may feel confronted and tested in intimacy. They tend to be very secretive. Natives in this house have a lack of communication; they want to be heard but cannot listen to what others would want to say. And, due to the restless attitude, they tend to get into too many conflicts. They cannot stand a 9 to 5 job as they tend to seek challenges and adventure in every situation. Besides, their life’s mantra is to live on a more concentrated level. The good thing about the natives in this house is that they are ready to face all the challenges and crisis in life: Good or Bad.

Death being a very morbid subject, a native of this house is interested about the subject. They are keen to discuss and get enlightened by morbid subjects like death, criminology, evil, etc. Saturn in 8th house is also a house of reincarnation.  The natives believe in life after death. They tend to be negative in various aspects.

Sex is a delicacy of this house. Natives in 8th house have a very strong sexuality. Sex, being a need for human existence, everybody loves it. But Saturn in 8th house rules Sexuality. Natives in this house hate the idea of rejection. They cannot handle marriage and partnerships, though they tend to be great in handling finances as they do not share their profits with their partners. To see the silver lining, natives of this house need to get rid of their ego.

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