Saturn in the 7th House

Commitment and Romance, Natives with Saturn in the 7th house usually give priority to these two key factors in a relationship. The natives in this house are sensitive and cautious, they are too fearful of the fact that someone might hurt them as they would never forget bitter experiences in their past. Partnership and Seriousness is a very crucial part of their lives. They do not take any relationship flippantly. When they get into any relationship, they would look for a serious affair. Natives in this house are likely to feel unworthy and valueless. They take everything in life to their heart and the next day, they feel they’re worthless. Their expectations are too high in a relationship as they look for Perfection in their relationship. Relationships have to go through various stages. Hard times or Good times, one has to be ready to face all. But here, natives in this house believe that life is a fairy-tale and they will get the perfect Twilight love story.

The natives in this house are very giving in a relationship; they would give their all to make it a success. But Conditions Apply: The natives would expect their partners to return the favor. Considering, the natives have set high standards as to what they want in a relationship. A person can never be perfect, but natives in this house want all the perfect traits in their partner. An early marriage does not work for a native in this house. Either it starts decaying or the native loses interest. Natives with Saturn in the 7th house should not think of marriage till they are in their late 30’s as an early marriage will never work for them. Astrologists’ advice natives lying in this house to wait till the Saturn completes its full cycle around the Sun.

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