Saturn in the 6th House

If the Saturn is found to be ruling over the 6th house of the natives, they definitely tend to be a hard worker and gratifies with several ethical benefits in their life. They work for themselves only. They love appeasing themselves by gaining enough money and spending it on their own self rather than others. They symbolize a sense of self responsibility and characterize a native as a workaholic personality. They may forget the fact that they are not living to work; rather they are working to live. Such natives get obsessed by their daily routine and get over indulged in their earnings and work.

There are chances that the career of the natives with their Saturn in the 6th house may be related to the advancement of their current social position in the world. Life would be teaching them enough lessons to work with the right clues in the right environment. They need to develop their analytical skills in order to come up with some adamant decisions in their life. They may hinder themselves from worrying about the things that are not worth. They need to be conservative in their demands from others and focus upon their self demands to be fulfilled by themselves only. 

If the Saturn gets severely afflicted in the 6th house, there are chances that the native may suffer from chronicle illnesses. Other than these, the natives have a bright future in some technical or medical field. They tend to be scrupulous in their researches and turn out to be a renowned scientist in result. They may spend less time in relaxation and spend more time in finishing their projects. They tend to take enough time to explore out what they are craving for and once they are able in it, they stress upon taking time to decide establishing themselves in that field.

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