Saturn in the 3rd House

The intellects of the natives with the Saturn in their 3rd house tend to play with their communication. They may yell out what they don’t want to and surround themselves with the guilt. It may also happen that they are unconscious about what they are uttering out so they need to apply virtual glue at the times of converting their thoughts into speeches. They do have an arrest over their communication when they come to know that it may be hazardous for the one they are talking to or talking about. The minds of such people result out to be so cautious sometimes that the fear of yelling out makes them silent at times when it’s necessary to debate.

But that doesn’t means they tend to be schizophrenics. Their mind may be benign although they hesitate to use it enough and it’s slow at its progression. The people with the Saturn in their 3rd house may be the people who have always got a few words to say. They may love being attached to loneliness and being reserved at times. This may also turn out to be advantageous for the ones who can analyze the ones who are talking enough. They won’t have anything bad to utter out even though if they have got enough in their mind.

The natives with the Saturn in their 3rd house are more attached to the darkness where they can communicate with themselves rather than the world outside. They consider their studies as mysteries and puzzles and love solving them alone in isolation. Such cold behavior of the people keeps them isolated from god and neighborhood too until they realize what they are going through. They would prefer ambling alone in the crowded places and explore out the things with minor hindrances in their intellect.

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