Saturn in the 2nd House

The natives with their Saturn in 2nd house are concerned about one thing the most i.e. wealth. They have a poverty phobia and they fear from being poor at any stage of life. They develop fantasies for the post that offers them enough money. They could be a banker or a treasurer which keeps them surrounded by affluence even if they don’t own it enough. They are kind of practical personalities who are cautious about losing the wealth once they have gained it enough from their work. They earn affluence through lots of perseverance and hard work and they may find enough difficulties and struggle in doing that.

The people with their Saturn in the 2nd house may have to face several calamities in earning wealth but it would let them recognize the strokes that life plays. The Saturn in the 2nd house basically signifies the reaction of one’s personality towards the possession of real life. The natives may have some negative thoughts about not achieving what you are hankering for. They would prefer investing the money in something which involves less risk even though if they aren’t gaining enough through it. This would lead them being a coward in the world of business till they are not aware of these traits of themselves. But once they get to recognize them, they ought to work upon them and earn eventually.

Apart from all these, the 2nd house rulers of Saturn ought to be of religious disposition. The real benefits or losses are decided by the rule of other houses in the same planet. If Saturn turns out to be baleful in this house, then the native must not get married as it would seem to be fatal for his in laws. They should follow some simple rituals and pouring milk to snake for a few weeks would be one of them.

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