Saturn in the 1st House

The natives with the Saturn in their 1st house basically depict an ascetic personality who appears to be stern from outside. Such people ought to be taking their life seriously at every point. They present themselves in an awkward manner and their presence tends to be petrifying to each individual around them. They are willing to place themselves ahead of others but they find it remarkably tough in doing the same. They are bounded by anxiety and guilt on those facts that others don’t even consider to have an influence. Your apprehension gets influenced by the other people’s demands that are not worth it.

When adolescents, people with their Saturn in the first house are never indulged in themselves and they are feared to develop obstinacy and confidence in themselves. The results tend to make them timid or shy and they obstruct them from opening up to others. They are denied in every other’s perception of seeing them. However, they ought to reveal and develop their identity gradually with time and mark their presence esteem in coming years. They eventually develop the courage to overcome the guilt and anxiety by discussing it with themselves or some closer ones.

Saturn compels a burden on the intellect of the people having it in their 1st house. Some of them manage to cope up with their perseverance and some fake an unharmed character in front of others. They need to marry the ones who can clearly understand their nature of being self affirmative otherwise they would suffer and make their spouses suffer too. They seem to be less concerned about their looks; rather their conventionality matters in front of others. Yet above all this, they would achieve what they are craving for through perseverance and lots of hard work as the time flows.   

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