Saturn in the 12th House

Ones having Saturn in 12th house represent energies, which an individual can even deny of possessing. These people can face an early setback in their life. People having Saturn in this position are generally inundated with guilt. Moreover, it is actually tough to find out where the guilt arises from. It is hard to describe their anxieties. However, for many the major source of these anxieties is the fear of unfamiliar things, or being controlled by emotions. It is difficult for these people to accept the fact that they might need to seek help from other people. Instead of asking for help, these people prefer living in solitude or withdrawing out of the problem. The very thought of expressing inner feelings make these souls painfully vulnerable as well as dependent on other people. As a result, these people are also separated from others.

People having Saturn in 12th house have an innate feeling of being alone. For them, the only retort is self-control; however many also believe in sharing with others to overcome feelings of self-doubt, nervousness, as well as guilt. These feelings can steer clear these people from enjoying a healthy life. You must confront your escapism and should question yourself. Ones having Saturn in 12th house must understand what the expectations of this real world are. Moreover, what is required to feel the joys of the world? Only after understanding these things can one lead a rich as well as fulfilling life. Inner discipline, stability, and control are the few features that these people exhibit. Individuals in this position are humble and have great bent of mind towards selflessness, devotion, as well as service to others. They can work efficiently in private or behind the back. The only thing is to deal with the unconscious mind and look for some illuminating experiences.

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