Saturn in the 11th House

The 11th house maintains the accretion of inbound capital. The characteristic of self-achievement is also indicated by this house. The 11th house regulates interaction with friends, groups, social circles and cliques, along with shared principles and objectives of a group. Planets in this house indicate that we are social beings with basic needs pertaining to group support, social acceptance and value-orientation. The eleventh house is pre-eminently comprehensible as one that administrates an individual's social associations. This refers to all liaisons with friends, extended family, and colleagues. One may resign socializing as exasperating or even irksome, and rather to remain isolated.

The apprehension of disappointment in a group situation may develop lack of enthusiasm towards socialization, concluding in a disastrous state of seclusion and severance. This state of affairs can be conquered by personalizing social interactions and forming stronger bonds within a select clique. Saturn’s situation in the eleventh house entails venerable employment and attraction of old friends. When Saturn is positioned in the eleventh house, one should be cautious of seeking friends older than oneself, as they might attempt to fulfill their personal desires and abscond soon afterwards. Saturn’s arrangement makes one more indomitable, vigorous, affluent and prudent. The quality of the eleventh house is pertinent in diffusing one's greatest pains in futile pursuits. Since one is dealing with collective values and group commiseration, it is trickier to vow one’s own logic of defence with guarantee or assurance.

With Saturn in the 11th House a person may face obscurity related with issues regarding trust and social recognition. Often, there is an obsessive fear of being mocked at during social gatherings. This placement of Saturn can lead to circumstances of solitude. Skepticism and a deficiency of optimism are also characteristics of this placement. Nonetheless, hard work and perseverance are guaranteed to ensure attainment of dreams and aspirations.

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