Saturn in the 10th House

The 10th house characterizes the facility to ascertain ourselves and confer our communal reflection to the external world. Planets in the tenth house validate the elements on which our life is dependent like eminence or proficiency. They also indicate a necessity to realize and be accepted as an imperative individual or have others reliant on us. Saturn’s presence boosts both supremacy and superiority, formulates strong autonomy and aspirations, and also increases the significance of one’s reputation and image. It also garners talented entrepreneurs, who are well structured, meticulous and goal-directed, and persistent.

The 10th house convenes the work that an individual identifies with. With reference to the habitat and kin, the tenth house denotes assumption of a more serious and responsible attitude. The yearning to lead co-workers in the workplace becomes enhanced. And one regards his/her profession with more seriousness. Inferiority towards one’s own social significance can result in cynicism, distrust and reticence. Often, a relatively conventional lifestyle is adopted, which might diverge from other personal aspirations. You are self-sufficient and autonomous with exceedingly excellent business acumen and managing capability. Only determination and durable toil can produce much-awaited success and glory. The pursuit of power and use of manipulative means to attain personal motives will root eventual disgrace. Desires, thus, need to be brought under supervision. Saturn in 10th house demonstrates powerful autonomy and ambition, along with the endurance and diligence ordained to improve an individual’s life. Saturn’s presence further influences an individual’s ego, wealth and bliss. It also allegedly indicates a very apparent collapse of magnificence. This is also where one experiences susceptibility and apprehension. Saturn in the 10th house confirms a definite certainty and supreme inevitability to elevate one's position in life. Ambition, thus, becomes almost rapacious and callous. Consequently, for the ones having Saturn in 10th house, the colossal responsibilities will be handled effortlessly.

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