Pluto in the 7th House

Pluto in 7th house rules intimate relationships such as marriages, counseling relationships, business, etc. Natives in this house take love very seriously, and when they are in a relationship, they tend to drown in it and forget everything else. Pluto in 7th house brings peculiar experiences in relationships such as marriage. Pluto in 7th house has a very dominating personality and they seek for a partner who is more humble and weaker so that the native can exercise power on their partner.

Individuals in this house are excellent at their workplace regarding business and money. They can be amazing business partners and can bring in a lot of money by their own hard work. Natives in this house have difficulty in trusting a partner and they do everything to save a relationship from decaying. They can be punitive and pompous sometimes. Also, they do not forget ill experiences in the past and tend to overreact. They either shower all the love on their partner or totally disregard them. They have a high probability of becoming cops. With their inconsiderate and cynical attitude, they are perfect for the job! Natives in this house are drawn to people who are intense, fervent, stingy and obsessive. They tend to have few friends as they like to remain aloof. Even though they try to stay away from people, they have a strong instinct about others. Try and avoid a conflict with this native if you are romantically inclined towards them, they might act violent.

Natives in this house tend to have many unsuccessful relationships in the past. There may be several ego clashes and dislike in personal relationships. What they need to do is take relationships easily and not hold on to them so aggressively. They need to trust their partners and forget their past experiences. This way they will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

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