Pluto in the 6th House

Natives having Pluto in 6th house are hardworking and quite dedicated towards their work productivity. They are exceptional at analysis, but they tend to seek an answer for every small thing in life, that just others overlook. Research and Analysis is their Forte. Natives in this house are obsessed with their work and do not get tired easily when it is about work. They want everything to be perfect at their workplace. They fear criticism at work. They are complete workaholics. They complete their work in time. Over-enthusiastic about work all the time, they do not treat their co-workers so well. 

The natives in this house are so dedicated towards their work that they will make sure that everything is perfect. They are loyal, punctual, and passionate towards their work. They tend to stay in a job for a long period of time. In case, they lose their job, they might go through a emotional disturbance. They are very much attached to their work and cannot tolerate failure. They can work for long hours till their body gets totally exhausted. They enjoy their work and put their best on the table. They also adore finishing tasks and solving problems that others cannot. They love challenges. They have a constant desire to prove what they are capable of.

They love their work! And the good thing, they love whatever work you assign them. They will do it with the same enthusiasm. Their area of interest is mainly in healing and psychology. They can be great detectives too. Natives in this house are very emotional when it’s about Death, Health issues, Crisis at workplace, Pets, etc. People love their company and tend to open up very fast in their presence. If you want an employee who works for house without saying a word, finishing tasks with perfection and dedication then natives with Pluto in 6th house are the best!

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