Pluto in the 2nd House

Pluto’s natal arrangement illustrates the individual’s pursuit for truth and superior significance, related to revolutionizing, turmoil, influence, and matters of management. Chief aspects concurrent with these areas of life include passion, apprehension of loss or disloyalty, fascination, paranoia, and self-covetousness. The second house symbolizes the most alluring desires of an individual as well as their approach towards commitment. The second house is also the source of the individual’s true value and power of attraction. The alignment of planets here demonstrates the degree of an individual’s possessiveness. 

Pluto in the second house signifies the drive towards autonomy, independence and realization, often coupled with physical gratification. One learns to withdraw the focus of his/her attention towards self, simultaneously limiting the individual’s vision. The external forces thrive to expand this vision through the mode of dispossession or confrontation of such personal limitations by others. Transformation and augmentation transpire in the arena of personal values, principles and ethics. Pluto’s presence in the second house ensures retribution in the form of incarceration, culpability and seizure of goods in case of exercise of manipulative means or compulsive spending in order to gratify material needs. 

Authoritative instincts in resource development grant a firm sense of ownership and consequent possessiveness. Sentimental values are attached to assets, escalating the demand for managing and shielding one’s wealth and property. Some sort of malfunction may be experienced in life in order to appreciate imperative lessons on change, strength, worth and value. Excellent financial tactics and preparation, enhance one’s ability to establish good deals or objects of value intuitively. Advice on these matters can be circulated to friends and family as it will prove to be invaluable. With Pluto in the 2nd House, economic change is not only liable but also suitable. It is an existence in which an individual’s value system assumes unconditional transformation.

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