Pluto in the 1st House

Individuals having Pluto in the 1st house generally have a powerful persona filled with intensity. They are aware about themselves and have a deep intensity of eloquence. These souls get involved in any and every activity passionately, provided it interests them. Besides, these people are known to change the directions in their life radically, which can be prominently seen in the hairstyle change, clothes change, or relationships too. One can figure out a sense of survival, essentially in their expression by the means of physical appearance. Also, ones with Pluto in 1st house are recognized for going to extremes, which can even make the moderate souls sense uneasiness.  

Ones having Pluto in their 1st house get influenced by charismatic personalities whom they adore and desire to be like. For few people, this placement can bring the feelings of insecurity as they feel that the world is not a safe place to live in. because of this, these people keep a control over themselves. The prime issue for them is learning the right use of personal power. These people can be powerful as individualist, but when it comes to others then it is tough to know them deeply. As ones having Pluto in 1st house reflect strong intensity, they surely leave a powerful impact on others. Sometimes, they just have to struggle with their fears of being rejected, overpowered, or minimized. In new situations, these people act as gutsy, defensive, intense, as well as determined.  

These people rarely accept what is obvious; instead look deep into the situations to find the hidden information. They love to explore and research about everything that fascinates them. People with Pluto in 1st house should take initiatives and must avoid seeing life as any battleground. Lastly, these people are quite particular about their privacy and one should not try to interfere in it.

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