Pluto in the 12th House

Astrology has always been a subject of intrigue for human beings; it has been successful in attracting huge attention, ever since the age of the Mayans and later at the time of Nostradamus. One of the most fascinating planets of all would be Pluto. It is unpredictable in its characteristics. However astrologers have tried their best to provide some understanding of its movements through the different houses in the astrological chart of a person. Of these, the 12th house is the place where Pluto has its maximum effect.

Astrologers claim that people with Pluto in their 12th house are the secretive sort and love mysterious and unique things and events. This theory has been backed by studying the dreaming patterns of such people. These studies have proved that such people possess strong intuitive and psychic potentials. Usually such people go through a lot of hardships of both physical and mental nature in the early stages of their life. However they grow up to be strong minded individuals with a keen sense of right and wrong. Pluto generally shows some darkness or secrets in a person’s life, and it brings it out and merges into an individual’s persona.

People with Pluto in their 12th house are excellent friends. They are very dependable in nature and are capable of absorbing the negativity around them and turning it into a positive direction. However some negative signs can be accompanied with such profound qualities. Such people often deal with health issues and inferiority complexes. They often carry a self-destructive feeling with them which can develop to the level of suicidal thoughts in extreme cases. They are the introvert type and closer to nature than most of the others. Their sensitivity and patience make them excellent partners and companions and also effective fighters for humanitarian causes.

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