Pluto in the 11th House

Natives having Pluto in 11th house expect loyalty from their friends. They are very intense and take friendship very seriously. The native’s friends find them very charming. Pluto in 11th house rules friendship, groups, social circle, and society in general. The individuals lying in this house believe that growth and understanding of life is linked to their friends. They might not have many friends, but the friends they have are for a lifetime and there to stay. They gain experiences only through their friends. The natives in this house despise weak people and will never consider them as friends. 

Friendships can go sour sometimes; every relationship does at some point of time. But then, natives in this house take it very seriously and never look back. They have their own independent thoughts and are likely to attract people with the same traits. Their friends see them as reformists. Natives are prone to instability and vulnerability in health grounds, work and home. They have a good communal sagacity and should learn how to respect individuality. The natives in this house are intense, loyal but tend to be a loner due to the level of intensity. Their highest priority are their friends, they get influenced by their friends easily.  

They feel uneasy in large groups. They love to spend lavishly on their friends. They would help their friends in every way they can. Individuals in this house would love to bring about change in the world. And maybe that is why their friends tag them as Reformists. They want to see the world as ideal and perfect which is a good thing. They are prone to get influenced by the society, peer and social groups around them. At one point, they are surrounded by various people and the other they wonder where are the people.

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