Neptune in the Houses

Neptune’s arrangement by house in the birth chart depicts that area of life primarily where a person tries to avoid reality. Spirituality occupies the life of people who are ruled by this planet. Instead of going after reality, people tend to chase their illusions as well as dreams in their life. For the people having Neptune in the houses, their attitude is more of giving and not taking. However,

such people try to run away from responsibilities, besides forcing others to do their share of responsibilities. Neptune’s position definitely reveals kind of karma experienced in day to day life.

Neptune makes an individual trusting and idealistic. The Neptune in the houses reflects a great personality and that is of cutting their own slack but offering a better deal to others, which actually makes them selfless. However, in some cases one can notice that the individuals having Neptune in the house are totally spoiled. But there definitely is a giving power and this trait can actually prove beneficial for the co-workers or fellow mates. Also, where there is Neptune, there is a sense of discontentment with the reality and more of inclination towards spirituality. They just don’t wish that others pay them back. They just want to be the sole givers. So, in case a person buys a chocolate for 5 and he has only 2 Rs change then the Neptune person will give the rest 3 and won’t even take that back. Their attitude to never take credit for whatever good they do and helping their co-workers is great.

Neptune in the houses reflects different characteristics, but most of the individual be it in the 6 th house or 7 th have a similar nature and that is of selflessness. Moreover, this is the house that is most inspired and can even motivate the peers also.

Neptune in all Houses

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Neptune in the 6th House
Neptune in the 7th House
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Neptune in the 11th House
Neptune in the 12th House

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